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Meat is why I am able to do this. The one part of me wants to be someone who eats mostly a plant-based diet, to lessen the impact we have on the environment by not supporting mega-farms who keep their livestock in inhuman conditions and basically put profit over ALL.

The other part me knows that I will crave the flesh of tasty animals for the remainder of my days and that it’s hard-wired into me. Maybe if my diet through my ENTIRE LIFE hadn’t been meat-centric, this would be easier? I don’t know.

Can I compromise? Yes. There are too many tasty things out there that don’t involve taking the lives of tasty animals to say I can’t, and I know that my bod really digs plants. I’ve discovered a lot of ways I can have a pretty balanced diet without murdering countless cows, pigs, chickens, and creatures from the sea. And I know that I have options that don’t involve dealing with a product that comes from one of the crappier run slaughterhouses. And sometimes I spend the extra couple bucks – because that’s part of the deal when you patronize a smaller outfit with a smaller production.

How can YOU compromise, you who really does want to help lessen your impact on the planet and who also really does care how your steak is treated before landing on your plate?

You can buy local from farms in your area that have a good track record in how they operate. These days, a quick Google search can point you in the right direction. You get food you actually have a better idea of how it’s handled, and you get to help your local businesses.  Win!

Or, if you’re not in an area that’s wrought with farm critters, you can ask your butcher. Chances are they probably know who and where they source their meet from and can lend some advice. If you have a butcher who doesn’t know or care, you can check out the labels what your meat section provides and do a little research from there.

…or you can go to Costco like I do and tell yourself you’ll be better about this someday, but in the meantime, COSTCO HAS A REALLY GREAT MEAT SECTION AND GODDAMN DELIGHTFUL STEAK OPTIONS.

Also, if you’re near a Safeway or a Fred Meyer, sometimes their sales on meat are too good to ignore.

I do my best where I can, but I am fully aware I’m a conscientious hypocrite when it comes to being a meat eater.