Pork Belly for your Dork Belly

If you weren’t aware, pork belly is one of the most delicious things on the planet. And, unless you slather it in bullshit, it’s also SUPER FUCKING KETO-FRIENDLY. It’s like bacon’s fatter, more extravagant friend, the friend who takes you to the fanciest strip clubs and buys all your lapdances and cocaine, and I am fucking here for it. So when I was in Costco … Continue reading Pork Belly for your Dork Belly


Today is a monumental day in low carb happiness… I FINALLY TOOK A SECOND TO MAKE CHAFFLES! Chaffles, if you’re somehow not aware yet, are basically waffles, low carb lovely fucking waffles, made with eggs, almond flour (often, though there are some without flour at all) and cheese….the cheese making the waffle a CHAFFLE. I bought this goddamn waffle maker JUST to make chaffles about … Continue reading I POPPED MY CHAFFLE!