Lunch MEAT


Do you have a stove at work?

Sometimes people don’t even think about the fact that, somewhere on the premises of their work (not all workplaces for sure), lives a stove.

You can probably use it. SO USE IT. If you DON’T have one, I get it, I haven’t always had one at my workplaces, and, if that’s the case…prep your shiz at home.  Don’t use “no kitchen at work” as an excuse to eat like an asshole.

But, if you HAVE a stove, for fuckssake, don’t be that guy with the sad sandwich or frozen meal with mystery chemcials and cheese “powder-foam-soup” if you don’t have to (I understand shopping frozen meals on sale, but many cost a fuckton for questionable content).

This BEAUTIFUL hunk of meat was scooped up on my way to work for the low price of $6 because it was on the “sell by” date. It looked good, no fur…good enough for me! And a fuckton tastier, better for you, and maybe even cheaper than a “value meal” at your local drive-thru

Also, it won’t send you into gastrointestinal distress.


I also found some white truffle butter in the fancy cheese (and I guess butter) section. The tub was 6.99, and I figure I’ll use about .75 worth to melt over my steak while it’s resting.

My grand plan is to sear this bad boy – coated in olive oil and seasoned with stuff I had on hand here like Montreal steak seasoning, garlic salt, and crushed red pepper  (I’ll add that to the oil in the pan) – on the stovetop and either finishing it to a luscious medium rare bordering on mooing in the oven…or doing so on the stovetop if I can finda damn lid.

Oh, and I’ll serve with that cute little avocado I found with a shake or two of salt and pepper.

And, while I’m eating alongside the dude who makes twice as much as me but is eating some gross-ass sandwich (different than gross ass-sandwich) that he begged his wife to make him because he’s just that inept…I will lovingly but loudly gloat about how amazing my lunch is. Because I’m kind of a jerk.


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